“Magical and blueish island in the middle of the sea. Like a ship from centuries past sitting on the deep Among its little parts, bays and hills All my wishes and dream have been born...”
                                                          “A selection of Poems” Hvar, by C. Š. 1943

The Adriatic Madeira with the highest number of sunny hours in Europe: 2726. Because of the convenient position and climate the island of Hvar has been predestined to become a winter health resort and a summer resort for tourists. The earliest records of tourism on Hvar may be traced back to 1868.

The history of the island of Hvar counts thousands of years of a long and continuous process, with an abundant heritage of historical sources, ancient material culture, writings and works of art. The oldest theatre in Europe dating from 1612, the “Fortica” fortress, “Loggia” - the Rector's Palace, the Franciscan monastery, the St. Stephen's Cathedral, Petar Hektorovićes' summer residence.... Listed by the UNESCO as world heritage site: the "Starograsko” field, the world's oldest ancient cadastral records, the traditional 400-year old Easter procession “Following the Cross”, beautiful laces made by Benedictine nuns woven from agave fibres embodying the life and perseverance of the Hvar folk.....

Each new stop opens a new view;  an encounter with the past, which has breathed life into peoples' souls, who are proud to present their Hvar, their island.
Enjoy a pleasant walk and stay in Hvar!